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The Art of Analysis

The Art of Analysis

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In the current article, the legend of Dutch chess GM John van der Wiel introduces you with the method of analysis openings or middle game positions without computer's help. He starts to investigate one of the most topical variations of the French defense (see the diagram below). He becomes curious what's going on after the move 9.Bg5 instead of the most popular 9.Bh6 


Very quickly he understands that the critical position arise after move 16 (see the diagram below)

and starts analyzing it very deeply.


The author provides you with a Theoretical overview of the variation and with 4 critical questions. 

He gives you the opportunity to try to analyze the arising positions on your own. 

At the end of the article, you can find his own analyses and to compare with yours. 

We will start with the theoretical overview:



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