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Master the Grunfeld Structure - Part 4

Master the Grunfeld Structure - Part 4

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In the previous articles, we have examined the positive and negative aspects involved by the thematic e4-e5 and d4-d5 respectively. On first thoughts, White's biggest dream would be carrying them both, obtaining a huge space advantage without offering Black an outpost on d5 or opening the g7-bishop's diagonal. (of course, I refer to the cases when Black's f7- and e7-pawns are on their initial squares).
But things are not really one-sided. Far advanced pawns imply a lot of weak squares left behind and could become targets for the enemy pieces as well. In order to turn this structure favorable for White needs two main circumstances. First of all, his pieces should be ready to control or fill in the wide space behind the central pawns. That would ensure him stability but would not necessarily yield him an advantage. The second required element is that the pawns restrict at least some of Black's minor pieces (not only the g7-bishop, which could burst into freedom with a well-timed ...f7-f6.
We will start with a typical case favoring White.


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