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Endgame Series 13 - Domination in the Endgame

Endgame Series 13 - Domination in the Endgame

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So far, in his endgame series, GM Davorin Kuljasevic managed to cover all the basic endgame concepts. Now, the moment has come to start dealing with some more advanced stuff. The current article is dedicated to the role of the king in complex endgame positions. Let's see how the author describes his material.

A common motive in fairy tales and legends is an unlikely hero that no one expects to complete a certain difficult task, which he manages to do despite all odds. In chess, sometimes the most vulnerable piece - the king - picks up the slack and bravely leads its army to victory. In this issue of Endgame Series, we will see how famous Grandmasters have used their king to invade and overthrow their opponent's position.

Now, we could take a look at one of the examples GM Kuljasevic provides us with:

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