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Tactics Can Break Steal, but not Traditions GM John van der Wiel

Tactics Can Break Steal, but not Traditions GM John van der Wiel

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In this article, GM John van der Wiel comes up with a highly original article about the tactical play. The material is based on games played by the author in different editions of the Wijk aan Zee tournament. In the introduction to the article, GM John van der Wiel shows his attitude to this traditional event.

If you are Dutch and it is January, you think about Wijk aan Zee. What else? The second oldest annual chess tournament in the world is our national pride. Having participated 28 times (including 1 Juniors and 2 IM groups) in Hoogovens/Corus/Tata, I know a little something about it. In this article, I would like to tell you briefly about its history (which you can skip if you only want to see chess positions) and then the real 'work' begins - tactical exercises this time. Most of them certainly doable and the final one really tough.

After making some interesting historical remarks, the author dives into the topic. At the beginning of the article, he provides the reader with 6 test positions. These positions are taken from the games which are annotated later in the article. Thinking over the test positions will help the reader to get a better feeling of the topic. Take a look at two of the test positions:

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