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Typical Tactical Ideas - Bishop Sacrifice on h6

Typical Tactical Ideas - Bishop Sacrifice on h6

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Typical Tactical Ideas - Bishop Sacrifice on "h6"

GM Nikolai Ninov


We are sure that after learning the Alert Defence, the reader will be aware of the tremendous defensive resources in every position. Nevertheless, in order to become a strong chess player, one should be very good at defense as well. 

The current article of GM Nikolay Ninov is designed to improve your attacking skills. The bishop sacrifice on the h6-square is an important idea which allows us to attack a castled king. This lecture could be considered as a logical continuation of the article of GM Grigor Grigorov concerning the bishop sacrifice on "h7" (Issue 9). 

It is important to point out that the sacrifice on "h6" is regularly used even at the top level. At the beginning of the survey, the author provides you with 4 examples in which strong grandmasters go for this thematic sacrifice. Maybe the most spectacular game was played by the Georgian GM Baadur Jobava. His game against Ponomariov from the 2016 Olympiad reached the following position:


At this point, Jobava went for the unbelievable 17.Bh6!!. Later on, he continued to attack very energetically and won a fantastic game. In his annotations, GM Ninov proves that Black has no satisfactory defense after 17.Bh6!!.

In the educational part of the article, the author points out important factors we should consider before sacrificing our bishop on h6:

1) we have a queen on the h-file

2) opponent's f7-pawn is a potential target

3) the g6-square is weakened

4) we have a queen - bishop battery on the "c1-h6" - diagonal

After explaining these factors, the author provides the reader with extensively annotated model games concerning each one of them.

At the end of the article, there is a TEST SECTION which allows you to test your knowledge in a very interactive way.

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