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Alert Defence - Part 2

Alert Defence - Part 2

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Alert Defence - Part 2

GM John van der Wiel


At the beginning of the current article, the author provides you with the solutions of the tests from the previous article. Even if you didn't read the first part, you shouldn't worry at all. All the detailed explanations allow you to catch up the ideas without problems.

The core of the article is the game Karpov,A - Van der Wiel, J played in 1986. In this game, you could see how the principle of Alert Defence is applied in practice. Before diving into the analysis 

Before diving into the analysis of the abovementioned game, the author invites you to think on two test positions which are taken from the game. Let's take a look at them.


 In this case, White already has a big advantage. But what is Black's best chance of hopefully reducing that in the future?


So now Black sealed a move. Which one, why and what result do you expect?

The reader could verify his answers by reading the comments to the game Karpov,A - Van der Wiel, J.

The article ends with two training positions which allow you to apply the key concepts of the article. 

After reading the series concerning the Alert Defence, your defensive skills will be definitely improved.

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