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Practical Decision-Making - Part 2

Practical Decision-Making - Part 2

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Practical Decision-Making - Part 2

GM Boris Chatalbashev


In the second part of his series on Practical Decision-Making, GM Boris Chatalbashev continues examining situations in which it is much more important to find the most "unpleasant" move for the opponent instead of looking for the objectively strongest one. 

As he did in his first article on this topic, GM Chatalbashev focuses mainly on the games of the reigning World Champion Magnus Carlsen. The reason is quite simple - the ability to take the best practical decisions enabled Magnus to become the best player in the world.

Let's take a look at the following position which is taken from the article:


In this position, Magnus Carlsen is playing White against Veselin Topalov. It seems that White is in trouble since he has no compensation for the pawn. Objectively speaking, this evaluation is true. Nevertheless, the World Champion finds a way to create practical difficulties for his opponent. You could try to find White's best practical chance in the position. 

In the article, GM Boris Chatalbashev tries to explain the way in which we should think in order to come up with good practical decisions. After reading the article, you could try to apply the same method in your own games!

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