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Alert Defense

Alert Defense - Part 1

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 Alert Defence - Part 1

GM John van der Wiel


In his first article for Modern Chess Magazine, the famous Dutch GM John van der Wiel, starts dealing with an extremely interesting topic - Alert Defence. Despite it's somewhat "exotic" title, the article features a typical practical situation. Let's see what the author has in mind when using the term "Alert Defence"

" It happens to all of us. Sometimes we find ourselves in a position, where we understand: 'if I don't find something good here, I'll be in trouble for the rest of the game.' Or worse. Naturally, it would be best to avoid such situations in the first place, but as we aren't all prophylactic geniuses like Petrosian or Karpov, we had better deal with it."

It is very important to point out that this article is designed to improve your practical skills in defence. That is the reason why the material is highly interactive - the reader is regularly invited to make evaluations and to find the best moves. GM John van der Wiel is convinced that the technique of Alert Defence could spare the reader a lot of suffering.

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