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Attacking Manual for Black in Mar Del Plata Structure

Attacking Manual for Black - Mar Del Plata Structure

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Attacking Manual for Black - Mar Del Plata Structure

GM Petar G. Arnaudov

Dear readers of "Modern chess",
In this article, I will examine the tactical and strategical ideas for both colors in the most popular system in King's Indian Defense - Mar del Plata. This system becomes popular around 60 years ago at the early 50s, mainly because of the efforts of Mark Taimanov for White and the Serbian (Yugoslavian) legendary player Svetlozar Gligoric for Black. The popularity increased after the following game which becomes a model game showing how to play the KID with Black and many generations of strong players are learning from it. There are hundreds of games, books, and videos which give some long forced lines here, but my idea is not to provide you with an opening repertoire, but to teach you how to handle the arising positions. In these positions, computer evaluations are irrelevant, since the computer always gives a big advantage for White even after first ten moves, mainly because of the space advantage. This is not an objective evaluation and a number of players have lost their games because of their trust to the engines. What really matters here is the understanding. Usually, the outcome is favorable for the side one who manages to execute his plan first. I can recommend you sincerely to learn how to play this line for both sides because this is one of those fundamental structures in chess which is must know.

In the diagram below you can see the starting position of our investigation



In the first example, we will see one of the best King's Indian game, which introduces all main ideas for Black in this structure.

The game is Taimanov against Naidorf from the famous tournament in Zurich in 1953

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