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Attacking The King

Attacking the King

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Attacking The King

IM Valeri Lilov

Dear Reader,
Attacking the king has always been a challenging task, when it comes to executing it all in the right way. Everyone of us has suffered painful defeats because of his lack of understanding concerning the general attacking ideas. People are inclined to believe that the ability to calculate long variations makes them good attacking players. Nevertheless, when organizing an attack we are obliged to take into consideration a number of positional factors. In other words, every successfull attack must have a solid positional background.
In the current article, I am going to provide you with some basic concepts you need to follow when executing an attack against the enemy's king.
The first game that I would like to bring to your attention is an evergreen attacking example. Let's take a look at the way in which McDonnell crushes the famous French master La Bourdonnais in their game played in 1834.

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