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Exchange Sacrifice

Exchange Sacrifice

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GM Vladimir Georgiev

Hello, dear Modern chess readers.

My article features one of the most interesting themes in chess - the exchange sacrifice.

This is a weapon that every chess player should have in his repertoire.

When we start to play chess, we learn that the rook is more valuable than minor pieces, but this is not the case every time. There are many positions in which Bishops and Knights are much more useful.

Sometimes, we use this idea to change the character of the position. Another time we just remove an important defender. The rule is that: when we have a chance to exchange rook for a minor piece we should always consider this option. I am trying to explain you almost all the types of exchange in this article. 


In the diagram, we saw a typical position from a French Defense. With a bold positional sacrifice Rxf3!! Black changes the position in his favor.

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