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Strong Knight Against Bad Bishop In The Endgame. ( Viktor Gavrikov's last article )

Strong Knight against Bad Bishop in the Endgame. ( Viktor Gavrikov's last article )

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Dear Readers,

It's with a big sorrow that we publish Viktor Gavrikov's very last article. He sent the materials about it just few days before his death. We hope that his analysis will be useful and instructive for you.

Enjoy reading!

Strong Knight Against Bad Bishop In The Endgame

GM Viktor Gavrikov

Dear Reader,
We are about to start dealing with one of the most important types of endgames - knight against a bishop. In this article, I am going to focus on positions in which a strong knight fights against a bad bishop. When could the bishop be weak? According to the classical positional principles, a bishop is weak when it is restricted by its own pawns. That's why we should avoid putting our pawns on the color of our own bishop.
There are two cases in which a bishop could be dominated by a knight in the endgame:
1) the bishop is restricted by its own pawns
2) all the pawns are on one wing
Within the framework of the present article, I will explain both cases.

Educational example


The diagram position perfectly illustrates the superiority of the knight over the bishop. All white pawns are on the color of the c1-bishop. In White's camp, there are two important weaknesses - a3 - and g3 - pawns. If it's White to move, he will be in a situation of zugzwang. That's why Black should transmit the move to his opponent. That could be done by means of the triangulation method.

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