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Late Benoni Against 1.d4 Part II

Late Benoni Against 1.d4 - Part 2

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Chapter II

The system with 7.Be2, Averbakh, Four Pawns' Attack, Fianchetto

Apart from the main line, White has several other ways of development. Most often these variations are connected with the theory of King's Indian or Modern Benoni. Of course, I can not cover in this article every line from the other openings. But as I have quite a lot of practice here, I shall give you just my opinion about the best options for Black. And there are also some interesting independent possibilities.


In this article, we will deal with some of the most popular alternatives of the main line.

White plays 7.Be2


This is the starting position.

It is obvious that Black will take exd5 and white has two choices: exd5 and cxd5.

Both of them are analyzed in the game Nikolov-Chatalbashev.

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