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Sicilian Alapin Variation - Part II

GM Repertoire against the Sicilian Defence - Alapin Variation - Part 3

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Dear Readers,

In this issue of our magazine, we would like to acquaint you with all second-best moves after 1.e4 c5 2.c3.

These are the moves: 2...g6, 2...Qa5, 2...d6,2...b6, 2...e5. These variations are not as popular as the moves 2...Nf6 and 2...d5, which have been discussed in the previous issue. However, we need to know how to play against them. This article will introduce you the basic ideas, orders options and niceties of the variations and will try to create your debut repertoire that will lead to pleasant positions for the game.

In the first example, we will analyze the positions occurred after 2...d6


In this position after 3.d4 Nf6 4.Bd3 Black has a choice between 3 continuations:

A: Black plays 4...Qc7



 The idea is to stop e5 and to prepare g6-Bg7

B: Black plays 4...cxd4


With the idea to reduce the tension in the center. White can develop its pieces in full comfort and gain minimum, but lasting advantage.

C: Black plays 4...g6


Black wants to finish the development without removing the tension in the center. I offer here the most aggressive move 5.e5 and White is better in all variations. All these variations are analyzed in the game Howell-Gormally

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