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Endgames Series - Part 4

Endgames Series - Part 4

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Hello, Dear chess friends! 

We have come to the last chapter about the importance of pawns in endgames. In the previous issues, we discussed pawn races with passed pawns, breakthrough, „electric pawns“ and the rule of the common square. In this issue, we will delve into intriguing endgames with connected passed pawns. What is the main difference between connected passed pawns and other pawn configurations? Well, unlike single passed pawns, doubled pawns, electric pawns etc., connected pawns can directly defend each other. This becomes very important in endgames as the reduced number of pieces on the board makes it more difficult to defend pawns when they are attacked.

Besides being „self-sufficient“, connected passed pawns can be very dangerous if they are unleashed. They should not be underestimated, especially if they have crossed the „equator“ of the chess board, like in the next example:

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